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Contract: exchange of Calvados Alcohol with Vodka

Information on parties:


Company name: Address: Château du Breuil SAS, 14130 LE BREUIL EN AUGE- FRANCE
Phone number: +33(0)2 31 65 60 00
Telefax: :33 (0)2 31 65 60 06
SIREN: 786 420 711

Company name: Nevimpex
Address: 15 Ulitsa Furshtatskaya,
191028 St Petersburg, Russia
Phone Number: +3345718919Telecopy number: +335178918

Article 1: parties
The object of the contract is an exchange of Calvados and Vodka.
This document is a contract between Château Dubreuil, producer of Calvados whose theregistered office is established in France, society of French law, and the society Nevimpex whose the registered office is established in Moscow in Russia.

Between Château Dubreuil, French companyAnd Nevimpex, Russian company
It is first reminded that follows:
Château Dubreuil own a know-how in the production of Calvados
Article 2: definition of products
Product sold by Nevimpex: Vodka 40°,Regular quality, Grain Vodka , allowed to be consumed.
Article 3: Object of the contract
The object of the contract is an exchange of Calvados from Chateau Dubreuil in France and Vodka produced byNevimpex, Russia
Article 4: language
The language of the whole contract is English
Article 5: applicable law
The contract will be interpreted and executed conformingly to the French law
Article6: place of deliveries

The Calvados will be delivery in the port of St Petersburg by Chateau Dubreuil, while in the same time The Vodka will be delivered by Nevimpex in the port of Le Havre. Bothcompanies will exclusively use Le Havre- Rotterdam – St Petersburg as ports in the delivery.

Article 7: date of deliveries
The delivery will be made in five times by château Dubreuil, the firstdelivery will be made the 6 Th of November and the last one the 11 Th of November, with between 9 and 10 days of transit. The last delivery from Nevimpex to France must occur the latest one week after...
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