Current affair : nuclear power in europe

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Histoire de l'énergie nucléaire en europe

The pursuit of nuclear energy for electricity generation began soon after the discovery in the early 20th century that radioactive elements, such asradium, released immense amounts of energy, according to the principle of mass–energy equivalence
The European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC or Euratom) is an international organisation which is legallydistinct from the European Union (EU), but has the same membership, and is governed by the EU's institutions.
It was established on 25 March 1957 along with the European Economic Community (EEC) bythe Treaty of Rome
The purposes of Euratom are to create a specialist market for nuclear power and distribute it through the Community and to develop nuclear energy and sell surplus to non-CommunityStates.
During The WW2 , the atomic weapon production was the principal reason to be part of the Nuclear industrie. But since 1970, this industry is now working on the energy production.
In theEuropean Union as a whole, nuclear energy provides 30% of the electricity.

The part of nuclear energy in the world electricity’s production is now behind 14%. The first national park of nuclear centralis the US one with 104 reactors, and then come the France with 59 reactors.
Lituania is in proportion the second country the most dependent of the nuclear energy with 69.6 % of his electricity producefrom the nuclear one. The France is the first with 78%
Thanks to his National power plants, France manage to be independent for 50% of his electricity which is allowing the country to not import alot of fossil energy.
In the European Union as a whole, nuclear energy provides 30% of the electricity.
To compare to other source of energy, the nuclear energy asks for huge investment at thebeginning but after all it benefits from operating cost less important per kilowatt product.
The investment in the nuclear energy is only taking place for a long term politic. This kind of operation...
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