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Recommendations for what De Beers can do differently in China.
Globally, De Beers has to concentrate on the sale of detail of natural and synthetic diamonds. Indeed, concerning the extraction andthe distribution, its dominant position leaves it not enough margin of laborer to extend still, at the risk of being pursued for abuse. Four recommendations seem to me important: Be better known of thegeneral public, to have a behavior adapted to the request, maintain its mastery of the production and invest in the synthetic diamonds.
First, we know that De Beers has world recognition due to itssize or its power, the company remains nevertheless relatively underestimated by the general public. De Beers thus has to make better know first of all by powerful advertising campaigns, advancing inparticular its alliance with the group LVMH, which is a reference of the luxury to the eyes of the public, and by finding an icon embodying its brand. This would indeed have a double positiveconsequence the brand: that to be better known at first, and that to improve the bad image that the company (traffic of diamonds, etc.) was able to have and which had urged certain models to refuse to posefor the mark. So to be better made know of the public, De Beers has to develop the opening of selling points in the various strategic cities. For example, in China, De Beers is present in Hong-Kong, butnot in Shanghai, while the city is rapidly growing and attracts a population probably interested in diamonds of Beers.
Then, De Beers also has to adopt a behavior taking into account the existingcompetitive intensity on the market of the jeweler’s shop: to be at the arrangement of the customer (it begins to be set up with for example, the possibility by internet to obtain a private appointmentwith a jeweler De Beers), purpose products having a matchless excellent level, have a price policy taking into account the other actors of the market. De Beers can and has to play the knowledge and...
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