Developpement organisationel dans une entrprise

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Modern organization :

Firstly, We think that we have to introduce with the traditional organization. In this traditional one, the roles in the company was clearly defined, We mean by this way that the hierarchy was very visible. The managers gave orders and the workers had to do it without helping for a better production process. There was no surprise for the result of the production processbecause the managers were expecting something very clear that it was easy to reach. The skills of the workers was different also because nowadays, people are more educated than there is 50 years, so the managers are now more confident with the idea of the workforce to the people under their orders.

For the modern organization, the changes with the traditional are enormous. This organization ismore based on strategic management. The hierarchy is very decentralized so everybody can take part for solution for better efficiency. There is more and more contact between the managers and the workers, so nowadays, the contact with workers and hierarchy is very important to give a good identity and importance to the workforce showing them that they are not some kind of “robot” just doing somerepetitive tasks.
We can add also that in the modern organization, there is a lot of different goals to reach for a company, We mean by this way that a company has to be efficient in marketing, in human resources, in financial, in the production process… And to reach this goal, a company needs some effort from all the people working in, people have to plan it for the future, now in our society thecreativity is very important, give some responsabilities to people in the company is very important for more productivity because they will feel that they are important and they take part of the good health of the company and the nice effects that can procures to it. In this way, the motivation is very stimulated so it can just be an good opportunity for the company. But nowadays, there is aproblem that go against this good things for employees, it’s the problem of unenployement because of restructuration of some companies, financial problem etc…
In the modern organization, we have also found the importance of the new technologies that were not available or a few there is 30 years. We mean by this way that the increasement of the use of new technologies push the companies to use it forefficiency, so the workers have to adapt them to these changes. The new technologies were not only in the production process, they were also in the everyday life with for example the TV in wich the importance of advertising by this media became very important, with now internet that is also a good way to make some communication or promotion. This is new goals to reach for companies.

In themodern organization, appears there is not so long time the the globalization that mean that now a company has to be on the worldwide field to keep always more and more customers.
The change agent.

The change agent is the person who will help the company for organizational development. Generaly, he is not a professional from any department of the company because he has to be impartial and more basedon human sciences. He is here to help people to solve the problem in the company to involved the work efficiency. This person can be internal or external of the company. If he is internal, it’s not a people working in any department, it’s just a person in the company who is specialized in the human behavior or especially in the Organizational development because he studied it at school asspeciality. If he is external, it’s a private consultant who work for is own company, or maybe it can be a people that you can ask from a university because he is teaching it to students. In fact, this person is a kind of doctor for the company because he firstly makes a diagnosis (which desease?), he plans some solutions (as drugs in medical way) and after he waits to see the result in the expected...
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