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BRAILLON Maud Devoir Maison d’Anglais

1) My name is Maud. I’m twenty. I live in Voiron. I’m crazy about arts, cinema and fashion.

When I am not at work or at school, I go to CNAC exhibitions and Art gallery, to the cinema and in the

Week end I try to discover different regions of France. Before my sandwich course, I studied history

of arts at university. I validated my my first year but I wanted to go in…………………………..

That’s why I left the university last year.

2) My company is MARESE. It creates, produces and sells baby clothes from 0 to 12 years old.

My firm is located in Grenoble. It was created in 1940. The CEO manages 160 employes and he owms

Thirty MARESE’s shops in France. Its turnover was three million five thousand hundred euros in year.

3) I joined MARESE company in September 2009. I chose this company because I like their

Products and the brand. As I love fashion, working in a clothes shop was important ………After my

HND I would like to enter a business school to learn the trade and the marketing fashion . And if it is

Possible I would like to continue to work at MARESE.

4) I work in……………….It’s a very interesting line of business because we are the only link

Between the employee and the firm.

At MARESE, the………………………all staff administration.

It is composed Hélène BOUCHERAND. She manages only, all employee on the society. My role is to

help Hélène BOUCHERAND in the different tasks. I prepare the fixed term or permanent contracts.

I take care of administrative documents for example the foresight, employment declaration, and the

different personal register.

On the other hand pharmacology of company is in my duty. I give drugs to employee when they ave health problems. But the biggest work at MARESE……………….is the payroll.

During the first week of the month, it’s necessary to receive all information concerning the hours of

The employee.

After this information is

en relation

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