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Three hours in interrogation

_ Leonardo Don Capricioso: Settle down, I have some questions to pose you.
_ Miss Pernin: Ok.
_ L.D.: Well, first do you know why you are here?
_ M.P.: No, tosay everything to you, I made my shopping when one of your men interpeeled me. _ _ L.D.:You are here because you are suspected of kidnapping.
_ M.P.: A kidnapping!? But it is completelyabsurd! I never do nothing hurt.
_ L.D.: Nevertheless the young person V is reported missing.
_ M.P.: How do you accused me of having kidnapped my own pupil?
_ L.D.: It has been two days since weare searching him and according to our informations it is you who saw him lastly.
_ M.P.: The last time when I saw him it was in class one week ago
_ L.D.: Are you sure? Did you not see him in another moments?
_ M.P.: I said to you that not!
_ L.D.: It would seem that you lie to us on this point.
Two of your pupils asserted us having seen you with the disappeared not later than on Tuesday._ M.P.: They have you lied.
_ L.D.: According the student file of Miss x and Mr y they are two very serious pupils, applied in their work and they had always worked for that English classes takesplace as good as possible. So that would be immoral not to believe in what they said.
_ M.P.: You base yourselves on the testimony of two young pupils?!
_ L.D.: It’s seems to be that, thus wherewere you à12h30 on Tuesday, January 15th?
_ M.P.: At 12:30 that was my lunch time so I returned at my home.
_ L.D.: The witnesses saw you taking Mr V in your car by going out of the parking , Is ittrue?
_ M.P.: It would be possible that I crossed him and…
A man enter the office and informs the commissioner:
_ " The body of V was found in a lake near the parking it is in autopsy for themoment."
_ L.D.: The interrogation is adjourned the time of the autopsy, I kindly request you to wait here that it ends.
_ M.P.: Ok as you will want.
Another man enters with the results...
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