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We all know how big the market is for iphone applications and there are brilliant applications on iTunes which are broadly categorized into utilities, games, entertainment being the most sought after. Apple Inc had officially released iphone SDK in March 2008 and since then the mobile development community has been busy dishing out awesome applications. Smart organizations capitalized on the first mover advantage and developed an iphone app to promote/market their products and services. I have been using iphone and now am on 3GS and am involved in recruitment business I am eagerly waiting for companies to develop customized iphone apps to provide/ facilitate recruitment services.
I would like to see companies provide iphone application which caters to varied interest level of internal employees, candidates/ consultants and clients.
Features that I would like to see in an iphone app by category

Candidates: Resumes submission Push notifications for jobs of their interest Search for jobs Contact details of recruiters Applications status Job referrals

Companies: Push requirements to the vendor Status on applications Contact details of the team working on the assignments
Internal employees: Access to internal recruitment system Quick submission of resumes to client Contact details of client Send out job alerts Access to candidates social networking details for quick connect
My research recruitment apps on iphone resulted into very few well designed apps. A quick search on iTunes and Google search resulted in apps like: Radar Recruit – very well made application by an Australian recruitment which specializes in creative jobs in the advertising sector. Radar is primarily using this app to provide job listing

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