Dissertation anglais, problème éducation

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Today pupils aren’t interested about school; they prefer watch TV, do sport and go shopping. We show why they have no more an interest for this. Infirst, we show that the pupils can do what they want when they want, school’s hour are so long and there is sometimes a bad relation between the pupils and theprofessors.
To start, we can say that nowadays, children have more and more freedom. Parents let them do things maladjusted person for their age, forexample, the young people go more and more early to nightclubs, since the apparition of the new technologies, children have a mobile phone more and moreearly. It is one of reasons for which there is, today, a bad education.
Secondly, school hours are too much time. When pupils stay seven hours a day toschool, they don’t have motivation when they go back home. They prefer to relax while watching TV or while doing sport. The educational system in Germany isorganized that pupils can work in the morning and to do sport in the afternoon, they are just school in the morning.
Thirdly, there are more and moreviolent, alcoholic parents, or parents who are no interest for their children. Before, when two persons had a baby, it was a common desire, reflexives andconsequences were measured. Now, there is more and more of pregnancy, which forces the moms to bring up their children, but sometimes in against heart. Theirchildren are generally abandoned and have a bad education.
To finish, we can say that the education of the children changed a lot, and aren’t to improve.
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