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People usually say that the United State of America are a nation who are concerned by a lot of subject, that he is economical, political or social.In this respect, we can say that this nation is a real problem towards to the society. I cannot be denied that the arms are the first cause of the violence in the United State of America. We talkabout this question: Are we a nation of guns nuts or just nuts? First of all, let us to try to understand why the American are very nuts to pointing their guns at the society and furthermore, wetalk about their life, how they are began like that.

First, we cannot help thinking that the United State of America are a nation which has advanced in a violence, especially because of the armsand the gangsters. Indeed, this is a real problem of this nation because a lot of states of America are concerning by the agressions, the violence, the drug and the arms. It is worth mentioning thatit is in the United State of America that we can by easily the arms, since carrying arms is legal.
Perhaps, it is because for the American, the firearm are the guarantee to protect them from theother dangers even if this is a security dangerous.
A lot of reasons can justify this observation: as the racism, the provocation at school or in the street… Without the arms, it is certain thatthe violence might leave.
Even if the crime has declining in the importants proportions, the homicide is the first cause of the death rate mortality most important among young people who are tenor twenty-for years old.
Consequently, provoke the majority of problem in the society and in the family. Moreover, the dealers and the immigrant illegal are not a solution because increase thedefence.
In fact, more the arms are using, more the dangers are spread over this nation. We are well aware that the arms are dangerous in the hands of the people unscrupulous.

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