Droit privé

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Le système foncier au Maroc. Une sécurité et un facteur de développement durable, Au milieu urbain et rural
Mohamed M'HASSNI, Mohamed FELJY et Hamid KHALALI, Maroc

Key words: Foncier, propriété immobilière, livre foncier, statut foncier, immatriculation foncière, Cadastre.

SUMMARY The real estate possession is looked at as insurance, a way of social esteem and an investment without risk. It is a source of wealth related to the ancestral respect towards earth that shelters human being. The land property system in Morocco is known by its two parallels regimes playing two complementary functions: The first manages the ancestral practices that are inspired from Moslem right according to whom the rights are consecrated and made authentic “Adoul” acts. The second is that property registration, instituted from 1913, is characterized by the advertisement and the conclusive enrollments to the “property register”. This system show many advantageous aspect some of them are the legal, the topographic, the economic and the social, however, it still optional witch hinders its generalization. The legal and technical property description is established via a digital cadastre, called “Legal Cadastre” that remains sporadic because the property registration is optional. In fact, the legal Cadastre is a part of the procedure of registration. An other cadastre systèm with économical chacater said “National Cadastre” is put in place in ordre to permit a better understanding of the land property structures, systématically and quickly, it provides a plan and parcel description of the rural townships and informing on obious owners identities. RÉSUMÉ La possession immobilière est perçue comme une assurance de premier ordre, un facteur d'estime sociale et un investissement sans risque. C'est une source de richesse et un respect ancestral envers la terre qui abrite les hommes. Le système foncier au Maroc est marqué par deux régimes parallèles jouant deux rôles complémentaires : le

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