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1. LeaD aSSOCIate prOJeCt GUIDeLINeS
A. Guidelines these guidelines seek to ensure that you clearly understand the purpose of associate projects and what they involve. as mentioned in Chapter 1: associate Learning process Overview, LeaD associate projects, or Laps, are a key component of the programme. they will provide you with an opportunity to work in a small group and apply what you have been learning from the programme and from each other by undertaking a practical piece of work. Laps are action-oriented projects that will help you to link your existing knowledge, new knowledge and skills with your professional work, and or personal interests in the area of sustainable development. You will be fully supported by LeaD Member programme staff, other associates and Fellows. all LeaD africa associates are required to prepare a final product – an activity report or other type of product, for example a video, website or a story, before successful completion of the programme. this assignment is known as the LeaD associate project, or Lap. projects must be completed and reports submitted before you can become a LeaD Fellow, and a full member of your LeaD association. associate projects can relate to your employment to link the learning from the LeaD programme with your professional work, or they may link to a personal interest. For some participants Laps provide an opportunity and the space to develop an idea that they have been ‘kicking’ around for some time in their heads but never had the chance to really get to grips with it and make it a reality. In addition it is hoped that the project work will provide you with the chance to achieve something of benefit to yourself and other, ideally associate projects should affect some form of change.

Part of the LEAD Curriculum associate projects are a mandatory part of the LeaD curriculum. Completion of these

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