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In 2005, Oracle paid Ellison a $975,000 salary, a $6,500,000 bonus, and other compensation of
En 2005, Ellison a touche un salaire de $975,000 un bonus de $6,500,000 et d’autres compensations qui s’élèvent a $955,100. En 2007, la compensation totale de Larry Ellison été de 61180 524 $, incluant un salaire de 1000000 $, un bonus en liquide de $8,369,000 et d’options pour $50,087,100. 2008 : unecompensation totale de $84,598,700.
$955,100.[16] In 2007, Ellison earned a total compensation of $61,180,524, which included a base salary of $1,000,000, a cash bonus of $8,369,000, and options granted of $50,087,100.[17] In 2008, he earned a total compensation of $84,598,700, which included a base salary of $1,000,000, a cash bonus of $10,779,000, no stocks granted, and options granted of$71,372,700.[18] In the year ending May 31, 2009 he made $56.8 million.[19]
For a short period in 2000, Ellison was the richest man in the world.[20]
In 2006, Forbes ranked Ellison as the richest Californian.[2]
On July 2, 2009, for the fourth year in a row, Oracle's Board awarded Ellison another 7 million stock options.[21]
On August 22, 2009, it was reported that Ellison would be paid only $1 forhis base salary for the fiscal year of 2010, down from the $1,000,000 he was paid in fiscal 2009.[1]
As of March 10, 2010, Ellison was listed on the Forbes list of billionaires as the sixth richest person in the world. He is the third richest American, with an estimated net worth of US $28 billion.[2]
On July 27, 2010, The Wall Street Journal reported that Ellison was the best-paid executive inthe last decade, collecting a total compensation of US $1.84 billion.[22]
Yachting: Ellison recently ended his ownership of the sixth largest yacht in the world, named Rising Sun. He sold his remaining shares in the yacht to music and film mogul David Geffen. Rising Sun is 453 ft. (138 m) long, and reportedly cost over US$200 million to build.
Ellison is a financier of the BMW Oracle Racingteam, which won the 2010 America's Cup.
Tennis: Ellison has followed professional tennis all his life, and took up the game in 2004. In 2010, he purchased a 50% share in one of the top four tournaments in the United States, the BNP Paribas Open. This purchase saved the tournament from being sold and moved outside of the U.S.
2007 America's Cup
BMW Oracle Racing was the Challenger of Record onbehalf of the Golden Gate Yacht Club of San Francisco for the 2007 America's Cup in Valencia, Spain until eliminated from the 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup challenger selection series in the semi-finals.
2010 America's Cup
On 14 February 2010, Ellison's yacht USA 17 won the second race (in the best of three "deed of gift" series) of the 33rd America's Cup, after winning the first race two days earlier.Securing a historic victory, Ellison and his BMW Oracle team became the first challengers to win a "deed of gift" match. The Cup returned to American shores for the first time since 1995. Ellison was a crew member for the second race.
Previously, Ellison had filed several legal challenges, through the Golden Gate Yacht Club, against the way that Ernesto Bertarelli (also one of the world's richestmen) has proposed to organize the 33rd America's Cup following the 2007 victory of Bertarelli's team Alinghi. The races were finally held[clarification needed] in February 2010 in Valencia, Spain.
Private jet: Ellison is a licensed pilot and has owned several aircraft. Ellison was cited by the City of San Jose, California, for violating its limits on late-night takeoffs and landings from San JoseMineta International Airport by planes weighing more than 75,000 pounds (34 019 kg). In January 2000, Ellison sued over the interpretation of the airport rule, contending that his "plane is certified by the manufacturer to fly at two weights: 75,000 pounds, and at 90,000 pounds, for heavier loads or long flights requiring more fuel. But the pilot only lands the plane in San Jose when it weighs...
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