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Wal-Mart is a company specializing in retail located primarily in the United States and one which was founded by Sam Wlaton 1962. This nterprise has rapidly developed in Arkansas, then led all theUnited States and, finally, in 1991 began to internationalize. In 2009, Wal-mart became the second company worldwide in terms of turnover, with sales amounting to 404.16 billion U.S. dollars and 11.2billion dollars in profits. This company hiring 1.9 million employees and has over 6 100 supermarkets and hypermarkets and, thus, the Wal-Mart can claim the title of biggest company in the world. It isthe largest private employer in the United States.

In its social policy, Wal-Mart's main objective is to help the American consumer. Indeed, customers are primarily in Wal-Mart for low prices, inconjunction with the slogan of Wal-Mart used from 1962 to 2006 "Always Low Prices, Always."

However, given the desire to focus on consumers, the company seems not to care about its employees.Indeed, in addition to many relocations resulting in rising unemployment (I), Wal-Mart does not respect the principle behind the "right to join a syndat" (II) but also offers its employees workingconditions poor (III).

I / The economic and social consequences of relocation of Wal-Mart.

The U.S. report, "Wal-Mart, the retail giant," by Rick Young and Hedrick Smith is Wal-Mart case study on thesocial and economic consequences of the neoliberal ideology across a entire country, the United States. It shows by example how the majority of suppliers of Wal-Mart had to relocate their productionto China to meet the specifications required by Wal-Mart on price, which has fostered a growing imbalance in favor of China China economic exchanges - United States.

Wal-Mart has indirectly led tothe ruin of many small American towns, deprived of their traditional industries, and therefore a growing impoverishment of much of the U.S. population. Indeed, many suppliers have had to relocate...
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