Essay on reality shows

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Trash TV or relaxing entertainment ?

Like everything on earth, Television has also seen a great amount of changes in society and its needs have evolved. Over the last few years, casual TV programmes such as sitcoms or talk shows have been overwhelmed by a new wave : the abundance of reality shows. This new genre is centered around the routine and everyday life’s of celebrities or simple people.
Nowadays, we can say that it is a real mass phenomenon. Indeed reality shows are everywhere, mostly in America and Europe of course, but also in poorer countries such as India. The concept was born in Germany, in 1970’s, but really has deepen in 1999 with the Big Brother : 12 candidates are locked in for several weeks and constantly monitored by video systems. The show produced by Endemol is so popular it is exported in 70 other countries, for instance with Grande Fratello in Italy, Loft Story in France or BBB in Brazil. Since that period, it encounters a great success that doesn’t seem about to fade.

There are several points that make this new time of entertainment interesting and sometimes even addictive. First, it could account on the recognition process, that is to say that we identify ourselves and that every little event, argue or moments of joy are both lived by the candidate and the viewer. A lot of middle aged women or teenagers thus escape from their dull life by imagining themselves living an unusual adventure. But voyeurism can also be the most attractive part. This concept can be linked to the Facebook phenomenon which is nowadays more a spy-thing than a social and sharing portal. For the first time, peeking is no longer prohibited, and people enjoys it. The shower time for example is generally shown and some candidates even undress and wander around completely naked., that makes as producers know, some extra profits. This type of show as to be frequently reinvented in order not to bore the viewers, with craziest events as the time passes. Last summer

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