European economy

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The energy in Europe:
The constraints and the orientations taken towards the scarcity of oil and the rising oil prices

Alexandre CATTANEO
Shanee THUG

* The death of the oil system?
There are many scientists who assert that we go up towards a world without fossil fuels. Indeed, certain researchers think that we have oil only for coming forty years and the others claim that we are in a system where sustainability is ensured for the next hundred years.
The problem of sustainable development; especially renewable energies; is a major stake and the awareness have begun in the countries of the European union even if for some countries such as France it was very late. This report is made in particular in the European level but also at the world level.
France developed a basic system based on the nuclear power which became a real culture because it allows ensuring all our energy needs. The delay of France in the field of the renewable energies is considerable. Hydraulic dams were set up but we didn’t get the expected effects.
Central nuclear are "easy" to build but difficult to dismantle. By the way, there are extremely expensive. Consequently, the waste in uranium is "stored" in central nuclear but which do not any more ensure their main function: to produce some energy. The life expectancy of a central is approximately thirty years.

Scandinavians countries
In Europe, the other countries such as countries Scandinavians early developed renewable energies. They did it since the first oil crisis at the beginning of 1970s. In Sweden, for example, the development of the renewable energies is based on the wind and solar energies.

Germany has already started to develop renewable energies. The German government gives the biggest importance to the research and pushes the

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