Exporter des hortensias au danemark

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Ti3 : Micro-economic analysis and scoring |
Didier Boos EARL |
Groupe 47Professeur suiveur : Bruno LEMOINE |
Date de remise : Mercredi 2 février 2011 |
Année 2010/2011 – Etudiants de 3ème année |


1. Regulations and laws 5
2. Product demand 9



Didier Boos, a companyspecialized in the production of hydrangea, plans to export one of its products, hydrangea of forcing, in Denmark. In the first part of the diagnosis export, we studied the internal situation of the company to understand what are its strengths and weaknesses in relation to its export project. In the second part, we carried out a macro-economic external diagnosis about Denmark in order to identifythe global risks, mainly threats and opportunities, which Didier Boos could be faced with in case of an export towards Denmark.
In this file, we are going to analyze the micro-economic aspect of the external diagnosis and we are going to elaborate a scoring of our global results. Then, we are going to determine the most pertinent way of access to the Danish market for the company. The mainobjective of this work is to identify the opportunities and threats linked to the export project of the given product, hydrangea of forcing, in the targeted country, that is to say Denmark.
In the first part, the micro-economic analysis, we are going to determine the regulations and laws, the product demand, the product supply and the logistics concerning the Danish market for our product. Each sectionof our report will be concluded by a synthesis of the most relevant threats and opportunities of the export project that appeared in the analysis and by an explanation of the limits met during the study. In the second part, the scoring, we will evaluate in aquantitative way thanks to all our previous results and research the global potential export of Didier Boos, which means the situation of the company to export to Denmark its hydrangeas of forcing. In the last part of our report, we will explain and justify the better way for the company to access the targeted market considering the results of the SWOT analysis and of the previous reports.Until now, our research has enabled us to understand the economic, environmental and cultural characteristics of Denmark. We are now going to determine and analyze the specificity of hydrangea of forcing in this country. In order to achieve this goal, we will go through a micro-analysis of the sector. In the first section of the analysis, we will study the laws and regulations concerning theimport of the product. Then, we will study the product supply and demand. Finally, we will study the logistical aspects of the export process.
1. Regulations and laws

In this section, we will determine all the relevant regulations and laws in Denmark concerning an export process from France of hydrangeas of forcing. To do so, we will explain the differenttaxes and regulations, talk about the restrictions and the required documents.
Both France and Denmark belong to the 27 European Union members and thereby to the customs and fiscal territories. The circulation of the almost all of the community goods has been excluded from the application of the Customs Code for the customs’ tariffs, procedures or controls. Consequently, there is no Common ExternalTariff (CET) applied to Denmark. Moreover, in the same way, « les restrictions quantitatives tant à l’importation qu’à l’exportation, ainsi que toute mesure d’effet équivalent, sont interdites entre les Etats membres » JULIE SI POSSIBLE PEUX-TU TRADUIRE CETTE PHRASE EN ANGLAIS. The export from France to Denmark of hydrangeas of forcing corresponds to a delivery of goods within the EU. Moreover,...
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