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san francisco, september 2

my darling, at last i've found a momet to write to you. how are you sweetie? i miss yo so much. i love san francisco, it's such a colorful place. definitely spanish or definitely chinese in some places. it's only dowtown that you are sure to be in an English-speaking country, where be banks and offices are. what i have found most striking is the warmth of the people. i am told they are special here. they have all: sea, money, old buildings, new skyscrapers, the lot. the place is old by american standards, this is probably my british blood feels at home, exept that i really need to brush up my spanish when i go to my digs in mission district i am quite fit going up and down all those hills, but these past few weeks i have tended to take the cable cars specially a day like today as the fog persists in appearing every morning the job is fine but stressful. they seem to love work here. at the bank they ask me to work late at night without second thoughts. everybody seems to agree to work late. so i do lke them don't worry. i'm not becoming american. i miss you. how are you doing without me? how i wish you could come sooner. i am dying to show you the sights : golden gate, alcatraz island, tons of places. and i am so happy that you have decided to stay and give it a go. with all my love,

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