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For a long time the role of the parents is to educate their children.The children go to the school to educate itself. The instruction is the role of the teachers who have to pass on knowledge to thechild.The school is a place where the child spends a lot of time. It thus has to feel good there. For it the school middle, the teachers, to have to be less hermetic and the parents should getinvolved a little more in the schooling of their child. How could parents and teachers cooperate for the benefit of children ? In the first place it will be advisable to see by which means the parents couldput a lot a little more into the schooling of their children. Then it will be advisable to see how the teachers and the school generally could contribute to the good to be children in cooperate withthe parents

The parents have to get involved in the school life of their child. Indeed they must check what has to be done as homework, and ensure that the day went well. They have to see theteacher of their child as a person who spends time with him. Therefore they have to maintain with him a reliable relation so that the dialogue is possible. For example if the child has a problem withother students or even work with parents should make an appointment with the teacher. Insofar as there are meetings, parents must do their utmost to be present. Nevertheless, the teacher must alsocooperate with parents.

The teachers are to educate the child. But the child spends a lot of time in the school it is for it that the teacher has to be tuned in of the child. He has to announce to theparents of the problems that the éleve can have. The teacher has to be also to listening the parents who wish to meet him. The teacher can also, to hold the informed parents, make get throughinformation in the book of correspondence, organize meetings (for example during the statements of note)... Also the teachers should, of time in other, open their classroom to the parents so that they see...
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