Extension policy document anglais

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Final Draft
National Agriculture and Livestock Extension Policy (NALEP)

Prepared by
Agriculture and Livestock Extension Taskforce


The Government of Southern Sudan is committed to the development of agriculture, livestock and Fisheries subsectors in order to attain food security for the growing population, provide income and employment for rural people, and protect the environment. Agricultural extension services is expected to play a very important role in development of the agricultural sector in transforming and modernizing agricultural production from subsistence small holder farming to commercial, profit-oriented undertakings. For this to happen, appropriate extension policy is necessary.

The National Agriculture and livestock Extension Policy (NALEP) and its implementation frame work were formulated by the two Agriculture sector Ministries of (MAF and MARF) with technical assistances from FAO, EC and the WB. Stakeholders, experts, professionals, NGOs, and private sector participated in the process.

NALEP gives directions for the management and organisation of a pluralistic extension system with both public and private extension service providers. The policy offers guidance for service providers and other stakeholders on matters of standards, and approaches and on how to strengthen coordination among all actors.

In order to strengthen the provision of extension services in the Agriculture sector, the policy needs to be fast tracked to stimulate Agriculture, livestock and Fisheries development in Southern Sudan. Categorizing extension as one of government priority areas where financial commitment will be made is a desirable step.

The sector ministries are committed to take a lead in policy implementation in collaboration with all stakeholders


This policy document and its implementation framework is an outcome of a collaborative work carried out by a taskforce.

First and foremost, the task force

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