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A Canadian Education in Mathematics:Goals, Problems, and Proposals
A discussion paper prepared for theCanadian Forum for Education in MathematicsMay 5 - 7, 1995QuŽbec City, QuŽbecbyA. J. (Sandy) DawsonPrŽsident, Groupe Canadien d'Žtude en didactique des mathŽmatiques President, Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group
Copies can be obtained from the writer at:
Faculty of Education
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, BC
Email: dawson@sfu.ca

The Canadian Forum for Education in Mathematics is an opportunity to bring together those of us who work in mathematics as educators, as researchers, and as users. By learning what others are doing, by discussing the recommendations already made, and by talking with one another, it is hoped that all participants will leave with strategies for bringing about changes to ensure that all Canadians are numerate, that teachers receive excellent and appropriate education with on-going opportunities for further learning, and that governments, industry, and the educational community share the responsibility for enhancing the mathematical expertise of all Canadians. The goal of the Forum is not to negotiate a new curriculum, but rather to initiate a dialogue, in the spirit displayed by the Orangeville Group, with the hope that such beginnings will lead to a clearer understanding of the goals and aspirations of various segments of Canadian society regarding the mathematical education of its citizens. From such un derstandings courses of action can be developed which are appropriate to the goals and aspirations of the various provinces and territories that are represented at the Forum.
This paper is provided as background material for Forum participants. In preparing the paper, numerous reports (a list of sources is attached) were reviewed and summarized. They represent the views of a broad spectrum of Canadian society including provi ncial reports (e.g., Les Žditions Agence DÕARC inc.), mathematical science

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