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What is the political climate of Japan?
A political climate means: How the government is run and the views and actions of other people. Japan is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentarydemocracy of the government. The emperor is the symbol of the state, but the board which consists of ministers who are civilians of the state and prime ministers who must be a Diet member and appointed byhis or her colleague. Japan has five major parties which has the lead in the national government.
Japan’s political climate is a mixture of feudal ideas which means that the man at the top has all thepower, but since the 1960s the political parties had more to say and they dominated their position at the top. The man at the top (the emperor) became the symbol of the state and the Japanesepolitics has been dominated by the liberal democratic party (LDP) for 38 years, from 1955 to 1993.This party maintained their power due to distributing budgetary expenditure among the interest groups in theform of public investment. However, recent electoral results show that there are earthshaking changes in Japan's political climate. The LDP has dominated for a long time in the chamber but in 2006they lost a majority of votes to the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)Japan realized that it was very important to maintain foreign relations in order to promote the national economy and the politicalpower. One of the factors which contributed to the economic growth of Japan was that although Japan had to face troubles between the political parties they managed to maintain good diplomatic relationsamong different countries
Japan is facing serious problems at the moment, this because there is a huge short come in the welfare policies for the elderly. The country has also a 64,5 billion yen ofpublic debt in the central and local government, but the politicians are only focusing on the economic development which leads to environmental degradation. Japans environment is at a critical state....
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