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Staples: "Wow! That's a Low Price! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FH8JzZc8Pk
I will analyse the commercial with the 6 six principles we learnt in the lectures. First of all Iwould like to mention why I decided to pick this advertisement. I honestly did not like this commercial but I think there are a few things that could be improved.
1) Target Audience:

The commercialis target to people buying office supplies, looking at some statistics about the audience of the staples website at alexa.com I identify that the target audience is for men over 40 years old, whichcould perfectly be the person in the ad shouting about the low prices.

2) Intended Effect:

The intended effect of the commercial is to create awareness about the low prices of staplesproducts.

3) 6 success principles analysis:

a) Simplicity:
The ad is actually quite simple. It is very easy to understand what they are promoting, low prices in Staples. So for this principlethis advert would score a high punctuation.

b) Unexpectedness:
The commercial has a high grade of unexpectedness. We do not expect somebody to start shouting in a store at the low prices.Moreover, it will also score high in this principle.

c) Concreteness/ self-relevance:
The advert could be considered concrete to the target audience. Those who actually buy office supplies might findthis ad relevant, becoming aware that staples might have low prices.

d) Credibility:
I do not find the ad very credible, Staples might have low prices in some products but I do not believeall their products are as cheap as the client reaction makes us think they are. In addition, the other factor that makes me think the ad is not reliable is the remark of the employee asking hiscolleague how many products they actually have in order to get the client a shopping cart. When it comes to this principle I will give the ad a low score.

e) Emotional:
The only emotional aspect I...
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