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The three articles that have been chosen to be examined all focus and share the similarities of ecology and the law, justice and policies which have been looked at to help environmental issues. In The concept of Ecological Justice by Baxter, he elaborates on the different concepts ecological justice and shows the different relations between them. In general this article describes that Ecological justice is a challenging concept in relation to the current development of different responses and arguments towards different species and not only humans. Ecological justice concerns fairness with respect to common environments, and it is therefore closely connected to the idea of commons and that species beside humans are also important. It concerns individuals in relation to the system, and in recent years this concept has emerged as a forceful reaction to the current global trends, which is a key point within this article. In relation Policy Implementation: The administration of Canadian Resources and Environmental Policy by Hessing, Howlett and Summerville examines policy-making in one of the most significant areas of activity in the Canadian economy, natural resources and the environment. It discusses the evolution of resource policies from exploitation to resource and environmental management. It provides a logical structure from which the foundation of ideological perspectives, administrative structures, and substantive issues are explored. Similarly Whose water? Water management and the Challenges of Jurisdictional Fragmenetation by Saunders and Wenig presents the challenges the government is facing with water resources, and Canadian policy makers. As the sustainability of our natural resources is increasingly questioned, Canadians remain stubbornly convinced of the security of our water. Mounting evidence suggests, however, that Canadian water is under threat. Arguing that weak governance is at the heart of Canada’s water problems, this article

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