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Faire du Maroc une plateforme incontournable du commerce mondial

Strong history of partnership in
The partnership between the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group and the
Kingdom of Morocco dates back to 1991. Since this date, the
Group has been actively working in Morocco, contributing to the national economy, and connecting Morocco to the world markets through its leadership in shipping, ports industry and logistics.
By launching the Tanger-Med Port complex, which comprises logistics facilities, industrial free zones and connecting infrastructures, the Kingdom of Morocco had sought to add a new dimension to the development of the Northern Region.
For this purpose, the Tanger-Med Special Agency, TMSA, was established to create this new economic area at the crossroads of major international sea routes.
The Moroccan authorities’ determination to ensure the success of this development strategy through partnerships with leading players resulted in the awarding, in January, 2005 to the “A.P.
Moller – Maersk” Group and its local partner the “AKWA Group” the concession relating to the design, creation and operation of the new Tanger- Med Port’s first Container Terminal.

A l’origine, un partenariat fort…
Le début du partenariat entre le Groupe “A.P. Moller – Maersk” et le Royaume du Maroc remonte à
1991. Depuis, le Groupe a cherché à accompagner les efforts d’ouverture de l’économie nationale et de rapprochement du Maroc des marchés internationaux en mettant en œuvre son leadership dans les domaines du transport maritime, du portuaire et de la logistique.

Due to the strategic position of Gibraltar Straits and as a deep sea Port, Tanger Med is primarily used for transhipment and can host the largest vessels of the world fleet.

En lançant le complexe portuaire Tanger-Med qui s’articule autour du Port, des zones franches industrielles et logistiques, et des infrastructures de connexions, l’Etat Marocain a voulu

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