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The product is a nomadic espresso with pod. It’s called Handpresso Wild ESE. It is very light (476g) and well-made, small, handy, simple and works without electricity. It is verypractical because nomadic espresso is compact, and is easy to transport and to tidy up. The product requires only once some warm water for all other preparations. Functioning of thisespresso is based on a system of pumping, useful everywhere.
The company is Handpresso. It’s a French small company which invents this product.
Consumers targeted are young adults whohave no place to tidy up their products in their kitchen. This product does not really require many places. We can target other persons such as nature lovers, travelers, walkers, whowish to walk and to use the product when they want a coffee.
Target: the travelers / walkers and the young people
Competitors: Espresso machine like Krups, Nespresso, Tassimo,Delonghi, Lavazza for students/young people and sticks of coffee for travelers/ walkers.
I think that this product could be imported and sold in Canada, because adults are really insearch of nature and experiences. Have an object handy and easy to transport is a product which can please the Canadians. 81% of Canadians drink coffee occasionally and over 63% ofCanadians over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis making coffee the # 1 beverage choice of adult Canadians. Coffee is a more popular beverage in Canada than the United States withjust 49% of Americans drinking coffee on a daily basis.
Distribution channels are supermarkets, shops online, specialist shops and tea shops (which sell coffee too).
The price ofHandpresso Wild ESE is 99€ (in Europe) and $159 in Canada.
Promotion has to be represented in nature magazines, newspaper and on the TV (to show the functioning of the product).
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