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Once arrived in John F Kennedy international airport in New York, I felt that I was home again.
Because that is not to forget, after spending my childhood in Jamaica I went to NY with myuncle, brother and ant when I was only 4years old. My parents stayed in Jamaica.
So, what was I saying … yes! So once arrived at the airport I went back to my downtown apartment. It was prettysmall, but just fine for a single man. I lied on my bed and then thought that my trips were bringing me trouble. First, the Sahara and the guiding problem then Jamaica with the drugs found on me, what’snext now? What else could possibly happen Michael?!
After taking a nap I took the risk to go the café with the fear that something could happen again.
Once in the café I ordered my usual cappuccinowith no cream.
I was bored and started to look around. I could have seen that there were loads of nationalities. Local people, Indian people, Spanish people, Chinese people and I could even hearFrench from where I was.
I was finishing my cappuccino when I saw a very tall, good looking girl who looked really familiar to me.
She sat down and ordered tea with cookies. That habit also reminded meof something! But I didn’t know what.
I then decided to go talk to her convinced that I knew her. And I was right to do so because once I came closer I saw her eyes which were unique and thenrecognized her. Her name is Jessica Hudson; she was working as a waiter in a seafood restaurant, just like me.
She’s now a manager of a famous restaurant in Singapore and came here for holidays. What acoincidence! Don’t you think so Michael?
She was telling me that Singapore was a really beautiful place, that, compare to here ( in NY ) it was a really safe country, that people were really friendly,the apartments were cheap and that it’s a great place to find a job.
And that’s what I was looking for! A good environment to live in and a stable job!
I told her that I was really interested....
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