Home schooling in england

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➢ Introduction

I. Who are the homeschoolers? II. Why make this choice? III. How does it work in England? IV. Inconveniences of homeschooling

➢ Conclusion

➢ Bibliography and method of work

Homeschooling in England

▪ Main question: Is homeschooling as well effective as the traditional school?

▪ Keywords: dissatisfaction; education system; socialization

In England, education is compulsory until 16 years old. Parents are free to register their children in the different sorts of schools such as “comprehensive schools” or “grammar schools”. Nevertheless, a new type of school appeared about 30 years ago and is growing up every year: the homeschooling.


Homeschooling was born in the United States in the seventies at the same time as “alternative or free schools” and this movement still increase since that time, particularly in Great Britain. This sort of schooling was created in reply to the request of many families unsatisfied by the school system or for the children who are unhappy at school.
We are going to study who the homeschoolers are, why they make this choice, how it functions in England and to conclude what could be the inconveniences to learn at home.

I. Who are the homeschoolers?

Homeschoolers are diverse and don’t correspond to a special category of person. Most of the families who choose homeschooling are disagree with the system and think that education at school doesn’t suit to their way of life, that’s why they would rather educate their children themselves. Some others come from a foreign country and have a different culture so they are afraid of school education and prefer taking care of their children’s education. Home schooling can be chosen by the children themselves because they feel bad at school. In fact, they can be brighter than the others, or can be troubled and need special and particular education.

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