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No child left behind; in 2002 George W. Bush set a plan to continue in children’s results. Goals were the same but what was added was that No Child Left Behind wanted to stress the federal role ineducation and required concrete improvement, the aim was more focused on reducing the gap between the rich and poor among student population, it was a need to make everybody participate in thisimprovement.

3. Solutions offered and reactions
1) As a reaction to the poor state of secondary education in the US some partnerships were set up to try and improve the situation (business/schoolpartnership) this also had a problem because it led to increased commercialization in schools, because to find money, American schools look for private financing and education has become a marketablecommodity. That was one solution.
2) Another solution was to select teachers more closely, it did not work too well because they did improve the salary, and would still hire people at their disposal, thatsometimes had no degree.
3) 3rd solution was to give parents more flexibility in their choice of school for their child.
4) A newer solution with relative success was Home Schooling – not sendingchildren to schools anymore, but educating them from home. This is something that is increasing; it has been legal in all the states since 1993. It is said that roughly 1.5 million to 2 millionchildren are homeschooled. That represented in 2007 a very important increase, because from 1993-2007, it increased by 74%. An important part of families that choose to home school do this for religiousreasons, as a way to shelter their children from what is being taught at school.

Another new phenomenon is Charter schools. This started in the US, first appearing in 1992. They are independent publicschools and they are financed by public funds. These schools sign a contract or charter with the state and in this contract there is a list of all the goals that the school must achieve. (Not...
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