Information on the french automobile industry and analyze the strategy of renault group using the rbv framework

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Assignment 3:
Collect information on the french automobile industry and analyze the strategy of Renault Group using the RBV framework.

{draw:frame} {draw:frame} The frenchautomobile industry
A powerful industry … The French automotive industry is among the top in manufactures vehicles. French is the 5th in the country and it includes 3.4 million vehicles. Theautomotive industry is the biggest economic factor to France’s foreign trade balance with a trade balance of € 12.7 billion. French automobile industry is a key player in French Gross DomesticProduct. Surveys have shown that one out of ten jobs is related to automotive industry.
The Renault Group and PSA Group are the leading French companies in the automobile industry. Grouped they accountfor 70 billion € of turnover, they produce 7 million car each year and their products are present worldwide. The French automotive industry has been growing mainly by joining with many franchises. Theindustry has given employment to many people and this number keeps on increasing. It’s generating directly 301.000 employments and 2.469.000 indirectly.
The Renault Group and PSA -Peugeot Citroën-group have been created at the beginning of the nineteenth century and can rely on their know-how. They rank in the top ten Automotive groups in the world along with giants such as Volkswagen, Toyotaor even General Motor. Peugeot Citroen is ranked 8th worldwide and Renault is ranked 10th worldwide. Every fifth vehicle sold in Europe is a French make.
These two companies have a strong presencein Europe thanks to a strong presence on the French market. Actually Renault and PSA sell one out of two new cars in France with an advantage for Renault which is leader on the French market for yearsas a former state owned firm. The French state always assumes a 15-20% ownership in Renault even if it did not take part in the company decision making any longer.
The French automobile industry...
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