International marketing

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International Marketing Essay

In nowadays world, more and more firms are beginning to be more internationalized. Marketing helps companies to find the right market, the right target, the right price for a product. It also provides information to companies to avoid market errors, and gives directions to enter in a new market. That’s why market identification, screening and selection is a critically point for all companies. Internationalization involves many countries. The problem for firms is to catch the market differences between industrialised and less-developed country, which could influence the development of marketing programmes.
In the following study, we will try first to evaluate the effectiveness of planned approaches to market identification, screening and selection; and secondly, we will try to know what are the market differences between industrialised countries and less-developed countries; which can affect the development of marketing programmes.

The international market selection is considered as different in SMEs and LSEs. Concerning the SMEs the normal international market selection is based on a market stimulus provided by a changing market agent mostly represented as institutions changes. Those changes can involve a foreign attraction. But in case of this theory is not a base of internationalisation, Johanson and Vahlne (1977) have established criteria of foreign entrance on a market. Concerning SMEs, the authors introduce the idea of the “psychic distance”. They define the “psychic distance” as languages, culture, political and level of industrialised development, and argue that this psychic distance has to stay at a low level to favour integration of international firms in new countries. Johanson and Vahlne also explain the importance of a low geographic distance. But on a critical side, a lot of theoreticians have minimized the impact of a geographic and cultural impact on market selection. For example Robertson and Wood (2001) have

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