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POLITIQUE : JC DECAUX is a group turned to the international With a presence in 43 countries all over the world
Currently JC Decaux is expanding into the Asian markets in Chinaand Japan, as well as many others through billboard and public transport marketing. It is expanding its reach in North America through gaining mall contracts in America, public transport contracts inCanada and America, and public transport contracts in Mexico and other Latin American countries.
Its first policy is a policy of diversification because the diversification is necessary for theconquest of market shares.

ECONOMIQUE : The group invests on average about 200 million euro every year to finance its internal growth. It is important to note that this investment turns essentially tothe street furniture to the detriment of the other fields of strategic activity. This strategy seems coherent for several reasons: the group holds the necessary free Cash Flows to be self-financed itsinternal growth and the company is not on a questionable market.

SOCIO-CULTUREL : JC Decaux has grown into Europe’s largest out-of-home advertising company and the second largest in the world. Themajority of JC Decaux’s business is done in France accounting for over 40% of its revenues.
It is thus in the French sociocultural environment that it is built JCDECAUX, in spite of an internationalexpansion.
JCDECAUX is also turned towards an urban sociocultural environment because of its main activity.
TECHNOLOGIE : JCDECAUX by the diversification always tried to distance the competition bythe technology.
Ex : La technologie Chameleon.

ECOLOGIE : JCDECAUX a une politique très tournée vers le développement durable et l’écologie.
Since its creation, the group JCDecaux committed in avoluntarist way to the highly-rated of cities, transport companies, airports, announcers, media agencies and advertising to improve the urban environment.
JCDecaux and its subsidiaries stay up in:...
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