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New researches show that becoming homosexual is not just a choice that some people make. Scientist suggests that a number of people might be predisposed to become homosexual because they carry a certain gene. But other scientists differ by saying that the environment plays an important role in the sexuality of a person than the genetic aspect, “Human behavior is determined by both nature andnurture. Without genes, you can't act in the environment at all. But without the environment your genes have nothing on which to act”, meaning that having a type of gene is not the reason why somebody will become homosexual. Both environment and temperament determine Human behaviors.

When I was growing up, one of my neighbors who were a boy was always coming to our house to play with mysister’s babies. He would not play soccer with my friends and me or any other activities that we were doing. He was the only child in is family and his dad was beating him every time he would see him play with my sister’s toy. At that time I did not understand why his dad was beating him. We than grew up and we went to the same middle school, and he was always hanging out and playing with the girls, hewould also let his nail grow. Later I started to understand what homosexuality was and one day I was talking with some of my friend about it; we were saying how wrong it is to be homosexual and that they didn’t deserve to be alive. But I remembered that I had a friend who has always behave like a girl since we were kid, so I told my friends that maybe somebody can be predisposed to becomehomosexual.
The biological aspect
In 1993, the journal science published an article by Dean Hamer who was saying that a gene of homosexuality existed in some people’s DNA . In order to come up with that statement, Dean Hamer and other researchers worked on discovering behavioral trait that family who had a homosexual person as relative had something in common. The same year, Italian scientistssupported the idea of a “homosexual gene” with a research based on fruit flies . Fruit flies are known for their ability to reproduce themselves rapidly. Most of the time, when a male fruit flies and a female are put in a bottle, they would start reproducing. But in the experiment that biologists Ward Odenwald and Shang-Ding Zhang did, after putting multiple male and female in a jar, the male would goone side and start having sexual intercourse. The two scientists alleged that they knew what was going to happen because they inserted one gene in the DNAs of the male fruit flies. They also said that the same gene was existing in the human beings but they did not know if it was the reason why a person would become homosexual. Years later, in 1995, two American researchers did a study onhomosexual twins and conclude that 50% of the time, if one pair of identical twins is homosexual, the other one will be to .
Another research to support the biological idea of sexual orientation was neuroendocrine studies , exploring if the orientation is established during the pre-natal period. Researcher claimed that if a fetus received enough androgens; he would more likely become attracted tofemale. The research was made on rats; the males who were given short amount of androgen became attracted to other males. Other males that had sufficient amount of androgen went to reproduce themselves with females’ rats. Another study that was made during the early 1990s was emphasizing the brain structure. Swaab and Hofman studies showed a difference in the size of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (smallregion on the brain’s midline) between homosexual and heterosexual men. Simon Levay (American neuroscientist) also conducted a research on the brain and sexual orientations .He took 41brains from dead bodies which 19 of them were gay men, 16 heterosexual and 6 heterosexual women. After analyzing their hypothalamus parts, he saw that one part called INAH3 was significantly bigger in the...
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