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Broadways Premières - Worksheet on 'Plans' – page 14

1. Complete

Type of document an extract from a novel / a book; a dialogue, a conversation
Source/origin a novel entitled 'American Dreams'
Author John JAKES
First published in 1998
Type of narrative a third-person narrative (narrator?)
Setting an office, in Chicago (USA) at the turn of the 19th century
Number of characters present two
Their first names Joe and Fritzi
Their surname/family name CROWN
How they relate to each other they're a father and his daughter

2. Using the tool-box page 15, complete this summary

The scene ____________________ place in Joe Crown's ____________________. Fritzi has just broken the ____________________ to her ____________________: she is going to ____________________ her family to become an ____________________ in ____________________. Her father disapproves of her ____________________. He thinks she's running ____________________. In his opinion, her place should be at ____________________, looking after her husband and her ____________________.

3. In the following lines, circle 2 words which are synonyms. See the context for help

L.8 in a fine mood / in a good mood / in a bad mood
l.24 calm / angry / relaxed
l.24 friendly / antagonistic / unfriendly
l.28 dubious / risky / safe
l. 31 old-fashioned / conventional / unconventional
l.33 filthy / dirty / marvelous
l.33 steady / controlled / agitated
l.34 dangerous / safe / healthy
l.35 adamant / hesitant / determined
l.37 thoughtful / kind / selfish
l.44 a raving beauty / an ugly duckling / a top-model
l.45 underrate / overestimate / underestimate

4. Use a dictionary and look up these words

adamant amazed apprehensive astonished bold brave contemptuous critical defiant determined distrustful fearless independent outraged outspoken paternalistic pessimistic prejudiced rebellious relaxed resolute scornful shocked single speechless straighforward strong-minded

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