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Keenan’s Pub

1. An analysis of the current situation of the business using the available information

According to official figures we received, most pubs recent sales has declined in allIreland in 2008.
With the recent change on smoke legislation, it has been hard for all Pubs to keep customers consuming about alcohol. But at the same time, we can say that food sales has increased:people are now going more often to have a meal and not only a drink.

In Keenan’s Pub, alcohol sales has decreased in 2008 which shows our current situation. It is the reflect of all Pubs in Ireland.Meanwhile, food sales have slightly increased in Keenan’s Pub whereas we have not change at all our small Menu.
Unfortunately, because of expenses increase, our profit has plummet : from 12% ofglobal sales (2007) to less than 3% of global sales (2008).
Our Pub is already owner of a heated outdoor facilities which can allow easy customers to stay outside so they can enjoy smoking.
Moreover, wehave a separate but joining building which is not used and we definitely have to do something with this place.
In addition, we have a good service customer so we want to maintain it at least orimprove it.
Finally, our team think that innovation must be done to change the actual bad conjuncture.

2. Advice on what Murphy should do in the future in order to achieve greater profitability.Your suggestions should be embedded in your analysis of Issue n°1
3.Within your suggestions of Issue n°2, prepare a logical, integrated range of critical success factors and related key performanceindicators to assist management and employees to achieve your recommendations

We mixed question 2 and 3 together because in our opinion they are linked.

Objectives How to achieve it (CSF)
* Wewant to satisfy our customers * Welcome & Service: Our waitress are well qualified and we want them to know the name and the favourite drinks of one customer when he comes back the second time.
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