Tesco dialogue

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Tesco Dialogue

Mathilde : Sales manager Leah : Manager of the French sector Alexandre : Communications manager Leonor : Strategic manager Marina : Marketing manager

Leah : Hello everyone. I know we all work for the same company, but we don’t really know each other very well. I think it would help if I briefly introduce each of you. It will help us become more of a team. I’ll start. I’m Leah Maurel, and you may or may not know, but I have been in charge of the French wine sector for the past three years. I worked on the setting up in Calais 15 years ago. This is our sales manager Mathilde Bacar, and this is our communications manager, Alexandre Balayé. Alexander has already worked in Calais and has done a great job there. Leonor Delsuc, our strategic manager has been working for Tesco for over 4 years. Marina Voyemant is our marketing manager, and she has already worked for several French castles.
Marina will start by telling us a little bit more about the French wine market and our competitors. Please, go ahead, Marina.

Marina : I’m going to explain to you the actual situation and the economic state from a marketing point of view. First, about our competitors. As you may know, the French wine market is extremely difficult to access. There are thousands of small wine sellers in the region. We can’t just set up like this without taking this into account. Otherwise, it’s not going to work.
However, in Merignac and Pessac, there are already numerous wine stores which will be our main competitors. Secondly, the market is completely saturated. Therefore, it is counter productive to try to get new consumers or to expand the market. What we must do is to create an emotional link with people by promoting our attractive prices and so on. People must find more interest in our products than those of our competitors.

Mathilde : That’s why we have to be more creative than our competitors. Alexander, what did you propose in terms

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