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Monday November 29th

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Created in 1952, this chain of fast food was born, as its name indicates, in the Kentucky, in the United States. Today the property of Yum! Brand, the company has built its success through its recipes fried chicken. After initially developed in various states of America, the group is now worldwide known. It has a current total of14,000 restaurants, in over 80 countries all over the world and the brand continues to grow, especially in China. When the fast food chain opened its first restaurant in China in 1987, success was driven by the passion for discovering the Western lifestyle. Today fast food has lost its status as a curiosity, and has anchored his mark in the local culture. Indeed, there are more than 2,100restaurants, localized in more than 450 cities across the country and this is just the beginning, a KFC shop is opened every 22 hours. How the group KFC has succeeded in establishing itself as a leader on the fast food market in China? What efforts have the brand does to conquer the Chinese consumer? What are the threats that could slow the growth of the group in the Chinese territory?

KFC is thefirst fast food chain to have settled in China in the late 80's, while its biggest rival, McDonald's settled there in 1992. These five years with so little competition has enabled the company to locate in the country peacefully. However, this is far from sufficient to explain the huge success for many years. The reasons are many and diverse to be popular with consumers, the brand trying to adapt tothe culture and desires of the Chinese population. Firstly, KFC is trying to create continuity between past, present and future. The chain tries to give an image blending modernity and tradition. That is why it often refers to the Beijing Opera in communications, especially television. For example, an advertisement featured a player of the Opera, face makeup, eating a KFC burger. Anotheradvertisement shows a father and son who listen to music very different. The father listens to the opera, while his son plays Hip Hop. Despite the fact that they did not have the same taste in music, they find themselves around a KFC meal. Then, the brand wants to convey an image of solidarity. Even if it's a fairly standard way of communicating, KFC claims that, a family gathering around a meal is theirsource of happiness. More than customers, the brand also emphasizes the fact that solidarity exists within the company. In advertising, we see an employee of a fast food be assisted financially by his employer in order to continue his studies. KFC has also introduced some time he has a scholarship to 5000 Yuan per year. This operation was intended to help disadvantaged children and of courseemphasize group solidarity towards the poorest. By doing this, it surely inspired largely on the communication policy of McDonald's in Europe and the U.S. Then, China, KFC is riding the wave of family and child. Indeed, in order to control the country's demographics, the Chinese government has set up in the 70s, "the one-child policy." In China, the child occupies a prominent place in the family. KFCtook this opportunity to connect on two areas important to attract families: - Restaurants seek to highlight the fact that the burgers on offer have characters and nutrients they provide the child with a lot of what he needs to grow. - Like McDonald's restaurants also offer every "box" containing toys.

Moreover, it is possible to organize the birthday dinner, for example. Employees are trained tocreate animations. The most common and one that meets the most successful is a lesson in American dance as well for parents as for children. Tradition is also a point on which, Kentucky Fried Chicken supports communication. In the decoration of its restaurants, the chain is therefore a maximum for the Chinese customer is not completely out of place. Symbolic signs are taken as a decoration....
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