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2Wire Gateway Installation Guide
For 2701

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Getting Started 1 Remove or Disable Conflicting Applications 1 Check YourComputer’s Browser and System Requirements 1 Browser Requirements 1 System Requirements 1 Connect the First Computer to the Gateway 2 Choose a Computer and Connection Type 2 Install the DSL Filter 2 For Wall-Mounted Phones 3 Ethernet Connection 4 Check Your Connections 4 Wireless Connection 5 Non-2Wire Wireless Adapter Configuration 6 USB Connection 7 Install the 2Wire Gateway USB Driver - Windows 8 Installthe 2Wire Gateway USB Driver - Macintosh 8 Check Your Connections 8 Run the 2Wire Setup Wizard 9 Windows XP/2K/ME/98SE 9 Macintosh OS 10.1.4/10.1.5/10.2.0 - 10.2.8/10.3.3 - 10.3.8 9 Add Computers to the Network 10 Ethernet Connection 11 USB Connection 12 Wireless Connection 13 Diagnostics 14 Understanding Broadband Redirect Messages 14 Excessive Sessions Warning 14 Invalid Customer Information(PPP) 14 No DSL Connection - Unable to Train 15 Intermittent Connection Issue - Uncanceled Echo 15 Broadband Link is Currently Not Available - DSL Connection Issue 16 Broadband Link is Currently Not Available - Connection Error 16 Router Behind Router Detected 17 Provision Gateway 17 Understanding the Indicator Lights 18 Appendix A: Install the Gateway on Other Operating Systems 20 EthernetConnection 20 USB Connection 21 Configuring the Internet Connection 22 Regulatory Information 23

Getting Started
Remove or Disable Conflicting Applications
Internet sharing software and PC based firewall applications typically interfere with the 2Wire gateway, and should be removed or disabled before you install the gateway. The 2Wire gateway provides the same features as the products listed below.If you have any of the following (or similar) applications installed on your computers, remove or disable them according to the manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding. Internet Sharing Applications Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing Intel Anypoint ISS 3Com HomeClick Proxy Software Wingate Sygate Security Software Norton Internet Security Black Ice Zone Alarm

Check Your Computer’sBrowser and System Requirements
Verify that your computers meet the following minimum requirements:

Browser Requirements
Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (included on the 2Wire CD), Netscape Navigator 4.7 or higher, or Firefox 1.0 or higher. Macintosh: Safari 1.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, or Netscape 4.74 or higher.

System Requirements
• • • 5 MB of available hard...
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