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Item BTMS: 2010-2077
Opening date: 22/03/2010
Origin: 3rd ALC

Item BTMS: 2010-2119
Opening date: 03/05/2010
Origin: 3rd ALC


Repair vanes processROCAF requested BTMS to provide information from DLM AIA regarding the implementation of the repair process.

Module 3 brazing vane assembly process
3rd ALC kindly requests BTMS to checkwhether AIA Bordeaux repair the vane assembly of module 3 whenever there are more than 10% of vanes to change. A first answer is expected within a couple of days. Later on, 3rd ALC wishes to getinformation on the process if AIA performs such repair on information on the reason why AIA decided not to perform such repair.


Report of the meeting dated 22 March 2010

LetterWSLO/100502 dated 3 May 2010


4.1 DLM AIA de Bordeaux expertise

In order to support ROCAF 3rd ALC, BTMS worked in close relation with DLM AIA Bordeaux.
AIA Bordeaux confirms thataccording Snecma documentation there are to options concerning repair process for replacing the damaged vanes:
✓ Option 1: Procedure to replace the totality of the damaged vanes
✓ Option2: Procedure to replace some of the damaged vanes

Within the frame of Snecma documentation, the technical expert from DLM AIA confirms that only the option 2 is applied by DLM AIA and thefollowing REP are applied at DLM AIA Bordeaux in France:
✓ REP 80033
✓ REP 80034
✓ REP 800O35
✓ REP 80146

AIA expert confirms that the option 1 is not applied by DLM AIAbecause for DLM AIA experts, this solution is issued of manufacturing process for brand new items and can not be applied within the frame of a repair process.

Moreover, DLM AIA underlined to BTMShaving developed and manufactured a specific tools adapted to the DLM AIA means.

4.2 Conclusion:

For this main ROCAF concern, BTMS provided ROCAF with a preliminary answer regarding to...
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