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Survivor is a competition between twenty adventurers who are divided into two teams, they have to survive in the jungle and confront in chalenges of strength and intelligence. We are going toquestion the finalist of this show.

- Hello. Can you appear quickly ?

- Hello, my name is John Smith, I am 25 years old and I am the finalist of Survivor.

- Thank you. Then you are the finalist butyou lost, how did you lose ?

- I arrived in final and I lost by elimination, a snake bit me and thus I have had to give up to be taken in a hospital.

- And maintaining you are put backwell(handed well) to you of this wound? And how react you with regard to this defeat ?

- Yes I recovered well from it but the defeat is rather hard because I lost silly in final.

- I includes, and howyours circle of acquaintances has it reacts ?

- My family was not present during my restoring and my partner left me because I did not win arrived in final thus they did not estimate, now I am aloneand I hold it against them.

- It is very hard for you, and whom did you learn during this competition ?

- I learnt that the solidarity is present at the beginning until the moment when each isfor one, at this moment there is not solidarity anymore and we see the human nature.

- Thus the Man shows solidarity if needed but at any time he is selfish. I voice, it has to be a beautifulmorality for you.

- Yes especially after what I lived in my return in England.

- All right I includes, a last word?

- Yes, I would like to begin again and to win for dégouter everything those whobroke me.

- Thank you very much, goodbye John. I say to you goodbye and in the next emission thank you.

Français :

Survivor est une compétition entre vingt aventuriers qui sont divisés en deuxéquipes, ils doivent survivre dans la jungle et se confronter dans des chalenges de force et d'intelligence. Nous allons interroger le finaliste de ce show.

- Bonjour. Pouvez-vous vous présenter...
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