La chevelure

Pages: 2 (363 mots) Publié le: 12 décembre 2010
Lumen Publishing house

Director: Stefan Antonio SANDU

Address: Tepes Voda, nr. 2, bl V1, sc. F, et al. 3, Ap 2 Iasi, Romania
Tel.: 0740 3:14 p.m. 55, Fax: 0332 81 3:51 p.m., Web:

Lumen Publishing House activate on the Romanian and International book market since 2001.  Until now, we have publishing over 500 scientificor literary books and 7 professional and academic journals (with international coverage). Lumen PublishingHouse make considerable and also successful effort  in the promotion of international quality toour books and journals. In this respect, many of our volumes are included in international databases such as Stanford University, British Library, the World Cut and others.
Editorial Lumen issupported by continuous activity, conducted by the Centre for Socio-Human Research Lumen of Lumen Association.

Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala

|Our publication is a RomanianScientific Review which is rising in the domain of education , which has in site|
|to promote the new multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives both in terms of the theories on ||children and/ or adult education, of educational methodology, of partnership between the educator and educated|
|one, and the special dimension on continuous education and social action througheducational strategies. |
|International Coverage: Index Copernicus (Poland) Ulrich Pro Quest (USA), Socionet (Russia) EconPaper |
|(Finland) Ideeas.RePec (USA)|
|Character of the publications :Scientific | |
|Scientificdisciplines: Social sciences, Education, Ethics, Linguistics,  Management,|Psychology,Sociology |
|Philosophy, Political Science, | ...
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