La peine de mort

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The death penalty


The death penalty is a recognized though disapproved by many organizations such as the ONU Since 2008 only 26 countries carried out executions. Theabolitionist states are now the majority.

I) Origine of the death penalty:

1) When and where

The death penalty exist since always. Originally the death penalty was very developed in theWorld. It was questioned at the century philosophers. Nowadays the death penalty is present in many states but not necessarily practiced because lots of people think that it is a crime.
The death penaltywas already practiced in the major ancient civilizations (Greece, Rome).

2) Types of executions

– Death by stoning
This is the oldest form of execution, because it was written in the Bible.It is a average execution extremely paintful. People throw stones in the head of the women, and of the eihter up to waist of men.

– Hanging
Hanging is one of the most ancient forms of execution.The prisoner is on trapdoor, and he have a rope around his neck. The executioner open the trapdoor and dropping the prisoner. The prisoner dies quickly because of a broken neck.

– BeheadingBefore the invention of « guillotine », the prisoners was decapited by the executioner with a sword or a big knife. During the French Revolution the « guillotine » was made. Thanks to this invention,beheading is clean and instant.

– The electric chair
It is a Americain invention. The world's first execution by electrocution took place in 1890, and it remained the most common form of executionuntil the 1980s.

– Lethal injection
It is the most common type of execution in the United States. The injection provokes a coma, paralysis, and stops the heart.


Electric chairStoning
II) The death penalty in the world:

In the World there are 86 abolitionist countries ( Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Estonia,...
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