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Private McColl

having been to exempt from the military service charles MacCll joined voluntarily the army on 7 septembre ptember 1914 .Accused of having committed a crime, "the court accuses him of being run away" and the NCO testified that October 28, 1917 at 9:00 am outside their quarters at the farm Marsoir, near Langemarck " He marched the men, given them rhum "
Charles McColl finally stopped by a military policeman in the "Rue Royale, Calais.

McColl says to defend at court :"I was brought out of the guard room before going up to the line & was in a weak condition. This was about 26.10.17. We marched up to Marsoin Farm. I had complaints brought on by shellfire. I have heart failure & nervousness. I have been with this Bn. 6 months but only reported sick once. I always shake from head to foot when we go into the trenches. I enlisted in Sep. 1914 & went to Egypt in November 1915 & came to France in April 1916. I was buried by a shell at Colin camps in Sept. 1916 with 12th E. Yorks. I was on 2 or 3 raids & then my nerves went. I was invalided home in September 1916 suffering from 'heart failure' & nervousness & was classified A3 at the finish & sent back to France without any examination. Since coming to this bn. I have tried to do my best. When I went off they dropped shells all around me & this upset me more & more & I wandered away. At Calais I was in a weak condition & gave myself up to the M.F.P”
July 22, 1917, McColl had gone without telling his battalion, he was stopped at a camp Etaples me later. And sentenced to hard labor for ten years by the court on September 13 ,,
The period of imprisonment was reduced by two years with hard labor and then finally suspended Oct. 2

A more severe punishment awaits Charles McColl. Indeed during the processing of his suspension, McColl fled again without warning. McColl court condemns the death penalty....
McColl last meal consisted of white tea and bread

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