La place des femmes

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To what extent has place of women evolved since the beginning of the century as regards marriage, work and Education?


The place of the woman evolves in France a lot in the XXth century, wars are the origin of the change. Indeed, the situation of the women in the marriage, in the work and in the education was really transformed.

I- The marriage

Before XXth century, the woman is completely subjected for her life to the marriage (the husband works and makes the family live). 1960s make of the place(square) of the woman in the marriage a more and more active and independent place(square). Indeed, in 1965 there is a reform of the marriage, the woman can manage her properties(goods), open a bank account, exercise a profession without the authorization of her husband. The marriage becomes a choice which engages(starts) two persons.

In 1968, 17 % of the girls who get married already live with their spouse, in 1977 the percentage passes in 44 %. The marriage is an important passage. In the XIXth century, the age of the marriage is situated around 25-26 years. At the beginning of the XXth century and until 1980, it is around 20-24 years. In the middle of the XXth century, we get married before having a situation, in 1948 12 % of the students are already married.

In 1975, we can divorce freely. In the years 1980-1985 the marriages decrease, and the age of the marriage is situated in 25 years. Little by little, we separate the life of couple and the marriage, which can be optional. The births out of wedlock multiply, and single-parent families too.

It is at the end of the XXth century that the woman is really free to marry who(which) she wants, and to have the right(law) to divorce.

II- The Work

Before the beginning of the XXth century the majority of the women worked at home as housewife. In 1906 the work of the women is 38 % of the workers and we can see the first lawyers, the doctors or the professors (Marie Curie is the first

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