La pub nous manipule t'elle ? (en anglais)

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I think that we are true enough manipulated by advertising. All you have to do is looking their premises of diffuse for to realize this: The television, the radio,and the newspapers and even in the street! There is everywhere! Indeed, that we like them or that we hate them, they are a part of our everyday life! Moreover thepublicity affects, today, a lot of domain: The food, the household products or still the services. But I think that most of advertising are false, that they spenda message of illusions. Indeed, the principal aim of company is to earn money. So it’s in their interest to manage to influence the maximum of people! So to speak,it becomes difficult to imagine an “advertising communication”. Then, the consumer suffers a sort of “saturation”, “weariness”, producing the inverse effect! At thelast, the publicity is a report which makes more attractive the product. They are constantly manipulated for believe that it’s a good product!! For example,cosmetics (mascara …) make sublime! This manipulation can shock the children and to change their mentalities!
The children and the teenagers are the majority of theconsumers who are got by this other type of advertising: the use of one carries(wears) word. The idea is that a celebrity blows the merits of a MARK , this methodattracts the young audience a lot which is a fan of this celebrities, more easily than the adults and is very seduced by the idea " to make as their favorite star ".That is why in most of the bought products the children have their word to say on the mark(brand) that they prefer especially at the level of the food, the drinks.
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