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Daughter of a carpenter and a teacher of African-American Rosa Lee Parks was born February 2, 1913 in Tuskegee, in Alabama, USA.
She grew up raised by his motherand his grandparents, keeping the memory of his grandfather, who stood guard outside the door of the house, gun in hand to protect themselves from the Ku Klux Klan.
On 1 December 1955 in Montgomery,Alabama, that the event occurred that would make it all a symbol, the outgoing of anonymity.
Aged 42 years, Rosa rides the bus to her home after her workday. At that time, the rules were simple, itwas forbidden for a black person to sit in the front. Blacks were confined to the back of the bus leaving the front seats to whites. If there were not enough places, blacks had to give theirs to thewhites.
This is what happened that day. At one detail: tired of segregation and racism stand, Rosa refused to give up her seat and was arrested by police.
This act was the starting point of a hugeprotest movement of the black community, led by the Rev. Martin Luther King stood firm, despite harassment and threats. He allowed the rules to ban racist state of Alabama.
Rosa Parks worked untilthe end of his life for Civil Rights.
She died October 24, 2005 at the age of 92.
Why look at Rosa Parks?
“Because it proved that the smallest person can change the course of events”C:\Users\Sana\Pictures\le bus.jpgThis is a Montgomery bus. This is the bus where Rosa Parks did not want to move up for a let a white man.


A French rapper, Soprano, has aboutRosa Parks in her last song. The lyrics say that he wanted to be near her when Rosa Parks would not move from his place. In that video you can see this photo and Soprano is sitting to rate it. (Hismusic speaks several wishes he would do if he'll have the power to turn back time.)


Rosa Lee Parks
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