La vérité

Pages: 2 (456 mots) Publié le: 10 décembre 2009
Tiffany in Lucette’s role

Mylène in Gertrude’s role

in Australian Kitchen

Lucette & Gertrude are playing Loto.

Gertrude : Six..Height

Lucette : Two..One

Gertrude : One.. Ohhh,Sydney !! Do you remember Lucette ?

They look the Australian’s plan on the wall.

Lucette : Australia, the country in which we took lots of kilos.. I remember when we lived in Sydney in 1995, theforeigners are coming and they brought us their delicious recipes.

Gertrude : arff, do you lost your memory ?! Already in the nineteen century, the Chinese made discover their kitchen. Then, arecoming Libanese, Vietnamiese, Malaise, Italians, French Greeks, Thailandais and so others, who are created all the Australian tradition kitchen.

Lucette : Oh yes Gertrude you are true ! There wasseveral foreign’s restaurant, however our favourite recipe was stewed kangaroo with vegetables, follows by the camembert of Tasmania, and boople nut.

Gertrude : By speaking about meat, there was also ourneighbours who cook very nice the Emeu’s steak and beef.

Lucette : Yes and you know, when we was in holidays at the edge of cote, we ate succulents seafoods. It’s so easy, the Australian’s kitchenis something very various on account of the countless foreigners who live here !

Gertrude : Wait a minute Lucette ! I remember that I have some slides about the Australian kitchen !

Gertrudesearchs on her computer.

Gertrude : Ahhh here is ! Look, australian also eat crocodile’s meat and buffalo ones : there are vinous meat with a few of fats and a lot of vitamins !

Lucette : And withthis, nothing better that some vegetables like beans, small peas with carotts and potatoes ! I just think about the meat of ostrich accompanied with a cacao’s sauce !

Gertrude : (she speaks to theclass) Do not get worried. Your aren’t force to eat this ! (she turns round towards Lucette). In fact, the Australians really appreciate shake meat with differents sauces , like cacao or pumpkin !...
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