Le secteur de la bière en espagne

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Length of Presentation: PowerPoint Required: Must be original work. 8 mins. Yes Plagiarism will not be tolerated

Length ofPresentation: PowerPoint Required: Must be original work. 8 mins. Yes Plagiarism will not be tolerated

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We all have different values in our lives. Ethics are thefundamental beliefs that guide and motivate attitudes and actions. Ethics influence the ways that companies behave. Do companies have a responsibility to society apart from paying taxes and obeying thelaw? PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Should they follow this rules that are sometimes not bound by law? Why? If it makes them less profitable what or whoobliges them to do so? Explain the different ways that companies may demonstrate CSR. Choose two companies from the Case Studies in Market Leader: Either: make a comparison of those two companies thathave demonstrated CSR in one of the following areas: Community Involvement Education Environmental practices Human rights Labour Standards Reduction of Poverty Or • • • • • • • demonstrate in which waysa company can work unethically The use of child labour and low wages Sweatshops Not conforming to rights of workers or ignoring of health, safety and environmental standards Bribes to securecontracts, nepotism False advertising or marketing lies Not ensuring good business practices of supplying companies Political corruption (for contracts and competitions)

You are a member of a companyinvesting in other companies. You have been approached by small start-ups to sponsor a series of new ideas and products over the next three years. You have worked together with their administrators andmanagers and have come up with a proposal that you need to present to your Board of Directors. PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION: During your presentation you must explain why you think one of the products or...
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