Les jeux videos et la violence

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Billy Perry
Research Paper
English Comp II., Section G
9 June 2010

Video Game Violence & Violence

The controversy on the link between video game violence and actual violence is a topic among many households and organizations. Can violent video games really create an aggressive person? Will playing these particular games make someone commit violent acts? With video games evolvingeveryday, the controversy only grows larger. Video games are becoming more realistic and more violent as technology advances. The primary concern is children under 18, and whether or not they should be allowed to play these violent and imitable games at all. Critics believe children under the adult age have not matured enough to view and engage in simulated violent activities. There is no definitive linkbetween video game violence causing children to become more hostile. In a sense, it is mere speculation; coming from critics who have never personally engaged in a video game themselves.
One side strongly believes violent video games will cause violent behaviors. While the other side sees no feasible evidence between the two, and that violence is the result of many factors. The opponent tendsto use a subjective point of view, bringing up real life violent situations to appeal to the reader’s emotions. The proponent has a more relaxed approach, seeing the connection as absurd, and they point out flaws in the opponents claims. The idea of mature video games advocating violence comes from the lack of evidence to support a violent act. Researchers examine a case of violence, find no strongtheories and reveal that a child had been involved in playing a game rated for ages 18+ and pin that immediately as a cause. The majority of protestors are parents of children who may not have necessarily played these games. But as a parent, they feel the need to reach out and protect their children without probable reasoning behind the legitimacy of games causing hostility.
This concept is thebasis for the release of every video game on the market. The content of each game is deeply examined to specify the age group it is suitable for. Advocates say that the youth playing these games, are well aware that the actions taken on screen are not to be replicated in real life. That children playing them will not go out and hurt someone after playing a game with considerable violence. Yes,children are susceptible to imitate what they enjoy, but normally with non-consequential activities such as, football, soccer and other sports.
There is always some type of media to blame for problems in today’s society. Most groups seek to find the smallest bit of evidence to support any ridiculous claim they may have. These types of debates are difficult to completely stop, but bringing forthproper evidence is the closest any of us can come to picking a side. Parents say it is true. Children say it is no big deal. So, who is right and who is wrong? One would think to choose the more experienced user.
On the non-linked side, the articles present are “Video games not necessarily turning kids’ brains to mush.” by Kevin Maney. And “Reality Bytes: Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked.”by Henry Jenkins. The opposing articles, “Why Video Games Really Are Linked To Violence.” by Amanda Schaffer. And “Does game violence make teens aggressive?” by Kristin Kalning.
After reading through all of the articles, both sides present prominent evidence to each argument. Both seem to be compelling and factual enough to be true, but mainly leaves the reader to decide on his/her own based onthe given facts or statistics.
The group that feels video games cause aggression and violence in children are typically focused on numbers and data, rather than experience. These groups are normally giving out sentences of data based on scientific experimentation through cause and effect. In the article, “Does game violence make teens aggressive?” by Kristin Kalning, she specifies certain areas...
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