Les ports d'afrique

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Level of logistic service, logistic organizational structure and business performance: associations and influence of product type

Abstract The theme focused in this article is the analysis of the associations among the level of logistics service (received and offered), the logistics organizational structure and business performance of large Brazilian manufacturing companies. It also analyses the influence of the product type in such associations. It takes into consideration a sample of 138 companies. Performance data were obtained from Valor Econômico 1000 Magazine, and the other data were gathered by survey. Statistical tests were utilized, including factor analysis and Pearson´s correlation. In broad terms, there is no evidence that the level of logistics service and also the characteristics of logistics organizational structures are significantly associated to business performance. Product type is a limited moderator in those associations. Keywords: Logistics service; Logistics organizational structure; Business performance; product type. 1. Introduction Only a short while ago, logistics was perceived as one more means of guaranteeing efficiency and rationalisation in using the resources available. There was not, consequently, greater strategic and structural matters to be considered (STOCK, GREIS, KASARDA, 1999). In this way, it did not constitute a sustainable competitive advantage, for it was easily imitable by the competitors. At the same time, companies tried to develop and maintain essential competences (PRAHALAD, HAMEL, 1990) with the purpose of generating and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage based on the resources. In this aspect, characteristics of logistics organizational structure (HALL, 1991; CHOW, HEAVER, HENRIKSSON, 1995; STOCK, GREIS, KASARDA, 1999, 2000) and the logistics service offered to the customer (CHRISTOPHER, 1992; LAMBERT, STOCK, 1993; HESKETT, 1994; LALONDE, COOPER, NOORDEWIER, 1988) became a crucial element capable of

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