Les possédés

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Alexandre Bouchard

Alcoholic’s children

Some children have alcoholic parents and this can sometimes cause problems to their futur. However, the situation of those children should be considered fully. How can those kids have a good education with drunk parents? Does those children have more chances to start drinking younger or having alcohol problem later ? There is many consequences if someone, who his body is still in development, drink alcohol. In fact, children with alcoholic parents have more chances of becoming alcoholic then other children.

First of all, according to the Swiss Institution of the Prevention of Alcoholism, the ISPA, children with alcoholic parents have 6 chances more then other kids with normal ascendants to become alcoholic later. Based to the ISPA, one out of seven kids in those situation will have some inconvenience with alcohol later. When we are young, we want to be as our parents and children learn from them, which are supposed to give a good education with good examples. When that kid will see his dad or her mom drink because she is crying or because she doesn’t feel good ,he might think that drinking is the solution to many problems. That way, they will not learn how to react against the stress or in bad or sad situations. So if a little boy see his parents getting drunk with alcohol , he might think its funny and for many reasons it will be easier for him to try it.

Secondly, a other fact is important. Drinking alcohol when your body is still in development is very dangerous. Alcohol can cause serious brain problems to someone younger. He could also have emotional troubles later and develop violent attitude. A children who his progenitors are alcoholic, might have much more alcohol at home, that way, it easier for him to get some. Children with a bigger tolerance with alcohol have more chances to get alcoholic because they will need to

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